The Greatness of God

Posted by TaQuita McKinney on November 20, 2016

I would like to share my testimony. Last year God led me to start taking care of myself more to better my health and on that journey of mental and physical wellness, A few months later my life turned. I fell in love with God and within one years time, I  reunited with my Spirit-filled husband, who has within these months filmed in a major motion picture, we have married again in February. Because of our story, the Chaplain shared it with CNN. We are now guest on the TV Show, "This is Life with Lisa Ling." Lisa Ling shared our story with Steve Harvey, and are now invited to tell our story on that show. Also within this year, my husband wrote a book, which we published and launched in October. All of this is just a short version of what God has done, and I give him all the glory and honor! Despite my husband being railroaded with 55 years in prison 11 years ago and still serving time, I still want to share all this greatness that God has bestowed upon us. No one can make all this happen in one year but God, our father!