iGive Pledge

Posted by Donovan Paddock on December 28, 2015

I decide to pledge for iGive this year which is my 1st time participating in the iGive project.  When I made this pledge, I had no job to provide for my commitment.  So I went by faith and hoping the Lord would provide a way for me to fulfill my commit. I decide to give more this year than the previous year to exercise my giving muscle.  I had just started college in the summer of 2014.  I used the money I got back from financial aid in the spring and summer semester of 2015 after tuition and books were paid to give toward my commitment.    I applied for two scholarships for the fall term of 2015.  I was chosen to receive two different scholarship that term.  So I used 10% of each and tithed them toward my commitment.  I was also award work-study through the college during the Fall of 2015 and Spring of 2016.  I started working in the college library in the fall of 2015 this help me to give to my iGive commitment.  I have surpassed my pledge amount this year. I Thank God for helping me to set a Goal and also exceeding that Goal this year.  Not only was I bless financially, but my grades in school has been excellent.  In all my years of school, I have never made straight A's  but the Spring, Summer, and Fall I achieve straight A's.  There was a time from March through July when my wife and I didn't have any income coming into the household.  We saved up money because this was planned out because of the birth of our third child and my wife having a C-Section.  The Doctor recommend her to be out of work for three months to let her heal from this major surgery.   Not once did we have to borrow any money or have to worry about the rent, bills, or food being paid.  My wife got to enjoy the 1st three months of our baby girls life worry free.  I could go on and on about how God Bless my household this year because I decide to participate in I-Give.  It would take me some time to explain all He has done this year.  I like to give all the Honor, Glory, and Praise to Lord Jesus.  God did all of this for my family and me.  I am very Thankful that I got to experience The Goodness of God this year.