(Information taken from Jentezen Franklin’s Connection Magazine Article “Good for the Body”)

We know that Fasting has spiritual benefits, but what about physical benefits?

Solomon said, “That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun" (Eccl 1:9 NKJV).

Though men and women of God have fasted since ancient times, today we have many new books on the shelves tout­ing the healthy physical benefits of the practice. Even the Greek physician Hippocrates (approximately 460-377 BC). known as the “father of modern medicine," and whose con­cepts have influenced the development of medical practices for centuries, believed fasting was very healthy for the body.

Fasting slows your aging process. Moses fasted often, including two forty-day fasts, and the Bible said in Deuteronomy 34:7, “Moses was 120 years old when he died and his eyes were not dim, nor his natural vigor abated.”

In his book, 101 Reasons to Fast, Pastor Bob Rodgers sites many statements from Hippocrates and others who discovered the many medical benefits fasting can have on the body. Fasting cleans your body. As you begin a fast. you will notice a sort of coating on your tongue for a few days.

It is a sign the fast is helping your body eliminate toxins. Tests have proven the average American consumes and assimilates 4 lbs. of chemical preservatives, coloring, sta­bilizers. flavorings and other additives each year. These build up in our bodies and cause illness and disease. Pe­riodic fasts are necessary to flush out the poisons. Fasting gives your body time to heal itself. It relieves nervousness and tension and gives your digestive system rest. Fasting lowers your blood pressure and can lower your cholesterol. [[Bob Rodgers, 101 Reasons to Fast, (Louisville, KY, 1995).]]

Don Colbert M.D., is a medical doctor who has researched and studied the body's need to rid itself of toxins which cause illness, disease, fa­tigue and many other ail­ments. While I do not attempt to cover every medical aspect and benefit of fasting in this book, I would recommend his bock, Toxic Relief, for specific medical guidelines for fasting. His chapter, "Finding Healing Through Fasting," is an excellent source of information and cautions. He says, "Fasting not only prevents sickness, if done correctly, fasting holds amaz­ing healing benefits to those of us who suffer illness and disease. From colds and flu to heart disease, fasting is a mighty key to healing the body." [[Don Colbert, MD (Lake Mary, FL: Siloam Press, 2003) 155.]]

Dr. Oda H. F. Birchinger, who supervised more than 70,000 fasts, stated, "Fasting is a royal road to healing, for anyone who agrees to take it, for re­covery and regeneration of the body, mind, and spirit." He went on to say, "Fasting can heal and help rheumatism in the joints and muscles. dis­eases of the heart, circulation, blood vessels, stress-related exhaustion, skin diseases-in­cluding pimples and com­plexion problems, irregular menstrual cycles and hot flashes, diseases of respiratory organs, allergies such as hay fever and other eye diseases." [[Bob Rodgers, 101 Reasons to Fast, (Louisville, KY, 1995).]]

To test the results of fasting on the human body, Dr. Tanner, another medical doctor, de­cided at the age of 50, to fast 43 days without food. He did so under strict medical super­vision. At the conclusion of the fast, he was much healthier. At age 60 he fasted 50 days. In the middle of his fast he said he saw the unspeakable glo­ries of God. At age 77, Dr. Tan­ner fasted 53 days and among other things, his once thin, gray hair was replaced by new black hair! It was the same color that it was when he was a young man. What's more, Dr. Tanner lived to be 93 years old. [[Bob Rodgers, 101 Reasons to Fast, (Louisville, KY, 1995).]]

Fasting slows your aging pro­cess. Moses fasted often, in­cluding two forty-day fasts, and the Bible said in Deuteronomy 34:7, "Moses was 120 years old when he died and his eyes were not dim, nor his natural vigor abated." Doctor Tanner passed on some advice from his own experiences, stating, "When you fast, drink plenty of water.” Water is the great flushing agent in fasting. One of the signs these toxins and poi­sons are being eliminated can be seen by the concentration of toxins in our urine. These toxins may be ten times higher than normal when you're fast­ing. The urine turns darker because the poisons, the tox­ins that are locked into your body that cause all of the dis­eases that plague us as Ameri­cans because of our terrible diet, begin to be washed out. [[Bob Rodgers, 101 Reasons to Fast, (Louisville, KY, 1995).]]

It is also proven that fasting sharpens your mental process­es, aides and improves your sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell and all sense faculties. Fasting breaks the addiction to junk food. Fasting can break the power of an uncontrollable appetite. Some are bound by nicotine, alcohol and drugs, but fasting can help break those addictions. [[Bob Rodgers, 101 Reasons to Fast, (Louisville, KY, 1995).]] Clearly, fasting has benefits not only for your spir­it, but for your body as well!

(Portions excerpted from Fasting: A Private Discipline that Brings Public Reward, Jentezen Franklin)

What Does the Bible say about Fasting?

2 Chronicles 20:1-25; Nehemiah 1:1-14; Isaiah 58:1-12 AMP; Joel 2:15-16; Jonah 3:1-10; Matthew 6:16-18; Matthew 9:14-15; Acts 10:1-48; Acts 13:1-4.

Note: Pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children, athletes, and those on a medically monitored diet should NOT participate in this fast without written permission from your physician or dietician.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that fasting can be dangerous if not conducted in the right way.  Faith Christian Center highly recommends that you carry out your fast under the supervision of a qualified health care professional.  This disclaimer pertains to fasting from food (three meals only).  Faith Christian Center is not responsible for the ramifications of conducting a fast without consulting a qualified health care professional.